09262020 Havover over FM 38-0

Fall Mountain’s Izaak Westover throws a stiff arm at Hanover’s Ben Williams. The Wildcat runner was some nice runs on sweeps outside but in the end it was to much Hanover in the season opener for both teams.

LANGDON — The pandemic has created some different match-ups in New Hampshire and one of them happened Friday night as Division 2 Hanover took the 45-minute trip south to Wildcat country.

“We knew we needed to bring our ‘A’ game tonight,” said Hanover head coach Sam Cavallaro. “They have explosive players on that side of the ball and I think for the most part we did well.”

Hanover wasted little time putting points on the board as Ben Williams rushed for 47 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter as the Maurauders exploded out of the gate tonight.

“There is no doubt that we were rusty and opening against Hanover was no picnic to start the season” said Fall Mountain head coach Orion Binney.

After the initial Hanover score, the Wildcats were headed toward paydirt when a roughing the kicker call against Hanover gave them life. Izaak Westover’s rumble down the sideline gave Fall Mountain great field position but a holding call brought that gain back where the Fall Mountain drive went belly up.

“We have lots of first year starters and the penalties really hurt tonight,” Binney said. “It seemed when we were starting to grab some momentum and confidence, a penalty would zap everything away from us.”

It took Hanover all of 39 seconds for their second score when Colin Pierce connected with Maurice Kado for a 63 yard strike to make it 14-0. Seamus Murphy would bruise his way in from four yards out to make it 20-0 before half but the Mauraders got a bit greedy before the break. Westover smothered a Hanover fumble giving Fall Mountain possession on the Hanover 38 but a couple of near misses from Fall Mountain quarterback Luke Gay ended things for Fall Mountain.

With Westover grabbing big chunks of yardage for Fall Mountain in the second half, a pick 6 by Kado iced things while Hanover added tow more scores for the 38-0 final.

“We just seemed to be flat tonight and I think the kids fed too much off the Division 2 status of Hanover,” Binney said. “We played better than the final score and I know we will get better.

Fall Mountain will host Mascoma next Friday for another 4 p.m. kickoff.

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