SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — Three candidates — two incumbents and a newcomer — are on the ballot for the two open three-year terms on the Springfield Selectboard while the remaining 13 open seats are uncontested.

The one newcomer looking to join the selectboard by vote of residents is Doug Johnston.

Selectboard Chairman Kristi Morris is running for a fifth term. In an interview with the Eagle Times, he reiterated his commitment and passion to continue serving in the revitalization of Springfield.

“I have been on the selectboard now for 12 years. I’m looking forward to getting re-elected if the citizens will have me and continuing on with the work we are doing with our community development,” Morris said.

Selectperson Michael Martin is running for a second term and is enthusiastic to continue his work to improve Springfield’s buildings and infrastructure.

“I think I do a pretty good job listening to the evidence and making decisions,” Martin said. “I have made a contribution to the dialogue. I’m pretty proud of the changes we have made cleaning up some derelict buildings in town and the work we did on Union Street, the work we have done on Main street. I’d like to continue to be part of that.”

Martin has also served on the budget committee three times.

Doug Johnston, a newcomer, is challenging the two incumbent candidates for one of the two open seats. In his pitch to be a member of the selectboard, he made clear his three issues he wants to change.

“[For one] the tax rate. We are number one or number two in the state,” said Johnston, who also cited economic development as one of his focuses. “Accountability and transparency in town government has not been happening.”

Johnston has 40 years of service in the Springfield Police Department, 18 of which he served as chief of police. He also served in Operation Desert Storm and is FBI trained.

Patrice Jones, who was initially appointed to replace Barbara Ball, is running uncontested for the two year remainder of the three-year term as the library trustee that she is currently serving.

Greg Supernovich and Kristin Durand are newcomers running uncontested for the two open three-year terms for library trustee.

Incumbent Stephen Ankuda is running uncontested for town agent.

Larry Kraft, a newcomer, is running uncontested for both town moderator and town school district moderator.

Gerald Patch, longtime incumbent, is running uncontested for the five-year seat as cemetery commissioner.

Cathryn Feickert, appointed to fill the vacant seat, is running uncontested for the remainder of the five-year term of cemetery commissioner she is currently serving. Feickert has served two years.

Jane Waysville, longtime incumbent, is running uncontested for the three-year seat for trustee of public funds.

Marc Aube, a newcomer, is running uncontested for the one-year seat of trustee of public funds.

Aube is replacing Deborah Luce who passed away two years into her term.

Patti Kemp is running uncontested for the three-year term of school director.

David Coleman, appointed to fill Lee Murray’s vacancy, is renewing his seat and running uncontested for the three-year term of lister.

Paul Stagner, an incumbent, is running uncontested for the one-year term of first constable.

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