09282020 Kearsarge Girls Soccer Senior Night

From left to right: Goalie Sam Meadows, Meg Nunes, Ellie Camp, Kallee Selby, and Kennedy Geary.

In what surely will be remembered as the strangest, craziest season on record for all sports, the Cougars took the field after nearly three weeks of hard word and dedication against the Hanover Marauders. Under the lights and with fans and family members in attendance, the evening opened with a celebration of seniors Sam Meadows, Meg Nunes, Ellie Camp, Kallee Selby, and Kennedy Geary, who have proven their commitment to bettering themselves along with their fellow teammates. Cougar Nation is proud of each of them and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

From the opening whistle — which was electronically administered due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic and, hence, referees wearing masks — both teams now masked for play sought to compete under some of the new “modified 11-on-11 rules.” Kearsarge came out charged, but struggled to possess the ball. Both teams had their moments with lots of play quickly shifting from one side to the other as strong goalkeeping kept things even until late in the 2nd quarter (another new rule, we are playing four 20 minute quarters). That’s when All-State returning junior midfielder Caroline Camp lined up for a 23-yard direct kick and swiftly struck it into the back of the strings, giving the Cougars a 1-0 advantage and the first goal of the season!

Through the 3rd & 4th quarters, play picked up in intensity and skill level. Senior Meg Nunes set the pace up top with her unyielding hustle while senior Captain Kallee Selby played with a ferocity that forced a number of Hanover mistakes. Cougars’ passing became crisper and movement off the ball was much improved with beautifully crafted left side combinations from Isa Barron to Estelle Chmura, with Chmura taking a 20-yard blast that skirted passed the Marauders goalkeeper, giving the Cougars a 2-0 lead.

Captain Kennedy Geary and Captain Ellie Camp controlled the backfield with support from Senior standout Goalie Sam Meadows, who came up with some huge saves throughout the entire game.

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