CONCORD — On Monday Gov. Sununu signed SB 290, a bill that will work to ensure thousands of Granite Staters do not lose their health insurance by making improvements to New Hampshire’s Granite Advantage Health Care program work requirements. House Majority Leader Douglas Ley (D-Jaffrey) released the following statement:

“We have seen what happens when other states refuse to adjust onerous work requirements for their citizens. Earlier this year, over 18,000 people in Arkansas lost their health insurance due to a similar requirement that was later struck down in federal court.”

“From day one, it has been a priority of House Democrats to assure Granite Staters are able to keep their health insurance so they can live healthy lives and be productive members of society.”

“It was sad to see just one single House Republican vote for this improvement to the Medicaid expansion program, even as it became painfully clear that up to 17,000 New Hampshire citizens would lose their health insurance. Though the governor did not appear to expend any effort to prevent his fellow Republicans from putting Granite Staters at risk, we are grateful he realized the necessity of this bill and signed it into law today.”

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What about the "onerous work requirements" that taxpayers have to endure to keep paying for other people's free health insurance?

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