This report is a list of planned construction activities that will have traffic impacts on state highways in the region. Please remember to drive safely in all work zones. Lives depend on it.

InterstatesI-91 Hartford: Motorists can expect continuous lane closures on I-91 northbound and southbound between Exits 12 and 11 as crews continue bridge repairs at bridge #44 over U.S. 4, VT 14, the New England Central Railroad and the White River.

I-91 Rockingham: The bridge replacement project continues this week. Motorists should note lane and speed reductions are in place, with more trucks entering/exiting the construction zone.

I-91 Weathersfield: A bridge deck replacement project is underway at Exit 8 over VT 131. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction; southbound traffic is merged to the northbound bridge using a crossover. A speed reduction is in place. Motorists can expect minor delays along VT 131 under the bridge.

Around the RegionCavendish Weathersfield: A roadway reclaim project is underway on VT 131. Motorists should expect alternating one-way traffic at multiple locations throughout the length of the project. Please use caution as varying surfaces exist within the area. Moderate delays expected. Add extra time to your travel plans.

Chester – Springfield: Multiple bridge replacement projects are underway on VT 11 between VT 103 in Chester and VT 106 in Springfield. Please expect one-way alternating traffic at various points along this route. Anticipate delays.

Bridge 51: (near Hall Road) Temporary traffic signals have been installed and are in operation. Crews are in the process of installing remaining traffic control devices and barriers. Next week the contractor will begin excavation and installation of parts of the temporary stream bypass pipe. Bridge 51 is located approximately 1.6 miles from the intersection of VT Route 11 and VT Route 103, about 1,500 feet east of Hall Road.

Bridge 57: The contractor has finished installing the piles and both concrete abutment caps for the first phase of this bridge. Slope and channel work will continue next week. There is a lane shift within the project area in order to help maintain two-way traffic, however one-way alternating traffic will be required at times throughout the week next week. Please note that there is a temporary pedestrian walkway to be used around the work area. Bridge 57 is located approximately 1.25 miles to the west of the intersection of VT 106 and VT 11.

Bridge 60: The contractor will continue driving sheet piles next week for the temporary channel diversion of the stream in this location. These metal sheets divert the water around the project area to minimize disturbance to the local environment during construction activities. Temporary traffic signals are in operation and will stay in place for the remainder of construction. Please note that there is a temporary pedestrian walkway to be used around the work area. Bridge 60 is located near the Old Chester Rd. in the vicinity of the Edward Jones and the Magic Mushroom.

East Dorset: Motorists can expect U.S. 7 to be reduced to one lane in each direction near the intersection with VT 7A; speed and lane width reductions will also be in effect. Please use caution as the area will have milled/scarified road surfaces. Prepare for short delays.

Londonderry – Chester: Paving on VT 11 continues, along with sign repair, bridge joints, shoulder work, and guardrail repair. There will be alternating one-way flagged traffic in multiple areas, causing delays.

Rockingham: Our partners at NHDOT are working on a rehabilitation project on the Church Street Bridge connecting Vermont and New Hampshire. Motorists should expect intermittent, alternating one-way traffic and some delays.

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