Shooting victim

Gunner was shot in Monadknock Park Sunday evening. 

CLAREMONT – Sunday evening an unidentified man shot a dog in Monadnock Park, then ran away.

Taysa Combs was exercising her dog, Gunner, in the fenced in tennis courts when a couple showed up to play tennis.

According to a GoFundMe page established by a friend of Combs, Combs said: “We were running around the tennis court because I don’t trust him not to run off yet. A couple came up to play tennis and I said hold on a sec and I will grab his leash.”

The man kept walking forward and opened the gate to the tennis court, then Gunner pushed through.

“The guy started running so Gunner ran with him and he pulled a gun,” said Combs. “I begged him not to shoot explaining he thought he was playing but he fired anyway then ran off.”

Gunner was wounded in the upper right shoulder and was scheduled for emergency surgery Monday.

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And the Spineless idiot of the month award goes to..... seriously though, who needs a gun at a park in broad daylight, FOR TENNIS. He was probably some entitled idiot who didn’t like the dog In tennis court so instead of just waiting for said dog to be removed went in anyway to make a stink. Wasn’t even man enough to stick around to talk to the police to give his side in person, just called to cover his own a** It’s like the south park episode where they justify shooting anything they want by yelling “ it’s coming right for us” before hand. I have a mastiff boxer and they don’t bite. Even if the dog was “coming at him” Mastiffs have been bred to tackle intruders instead of biting due to their size. I’m for the right to bear arms but its morons like this that bring question to how far that right should extend. Keep it in the car, no body is going to steal your tennis racket.

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