Wastewater treatment plant upgrade needed

Newport’s wastewater treatment plant needs a $4 million upgrade to prevent phosphorus from flowing into the Sugar River. 

Article 1

Elect two selectmen for 3-year terms.

Herbert Tellor 366

Linda Wadensten 277

John Hooper II 581

Jeff Kessler 418


Article 2

Elect a trustee of trust funds to a 3-year term.

McCrillis 878


Article 3

Allow keeping of a limited number of hens.

Yes 673

No 305


Article 4

Raise and appropriate $6,500,000 for a proposed community center.

Yes 443

No 553


Article 5

Raise and appropriate $4,500,000 to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.

Yes 743

No 248


Article 6

Raise and appropriate an operating budget of $9757,500.

Yes 623

No 360


Article 7

Raise and appropriate $5,000 for communications capital reserve fund.

Yes 550

No 423


Article 8

Raise and appropriate $12,500 for district court capital reserve fund.

Yes 456

No 512


Article 9

Raise and appropriate $10,000 for recreation facilities capital reserve fund.

Yes 497

No 483


Article 10

Raise and appropriate $40,000 for the revaluation capital reserve fund.

Yes 358 

No 609


Article 11

Raise and appropriate $60,000 for the ambulance capital reserve fund.

Yes 542

No 432


Article 12

Rescind unissued bond authorizations.

Yes 760

No 220


Article 13

Adopt temporary property tax relief for industrial development in the town.

Yes 641

No 342


Article 14

Raise and appropriate $4,000 to support home health, maternal and child health and hospice care.

Yes 615

No 375


Voters: 1,050

Checklist: 4,177

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