CONCORD — The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of New Hampshire (RALI NH) announced today that hospitals across the state will distribute an additional 75,000 disposal pouches and education materials as part of the organization’s overall effort to help address the opioid crisis. RALI NH partner, the New Hampshire Hospital Association will continue to lead the distribution of the disposal pouches and Zero Left Campaign educational materials focused on the importance of safely disposing of unused medications through one of the three FDA-approved disposal methods.

In August, Gov. Chris Sununu announced that RALI NH would be working with a number of partner organizations to distribute 100,000 disposal pouches and corresponding educational materials. RALI partners include New Hampshire Hospital Association; Zero Left Campaign; Foundation for Healthy Communities; the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America; the Partnership for a Drug Free NH; the New Hampshire State Grange and CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America).

“The safe disposal of tens of thousands of unused prescription medications in New Hampshire is a crucial element in the fight to end the opioid epidemic,” said Steve Ahnen, President of the New Hampshire Hospital Association. “New Hampshire hospitals are proud to work with RALI NH and the other partners like Zero Left on this effort, which has already resulted in the safe disposal of thousands of unused prescriptions."

RALI NH was formed in the spring of 2018 to bring together leaders in the state to find solutions to help end the opioid crisis. One of organization’s initial focus areas has been providing a range of options for the safe disposal of unused prescription drugs.

In addition to its efforts on safe disposal, RALI NH has provided grant funding to not-for-profit organizations throughout New Hampshire who are on the front lines of fighting the opioid epidemic helping to fund, expand and develop new programming aimed at prevention and treatment of opioid addiction.

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