CONCORD — The Senate voted today to pass HB 669 and HB 446, easing the process to correct gender identity information on birth records and drivers’ licenses/non-drivers’ identification cards. House Democratic Leader Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey) released the following statement:

“Legislation passed in the Senate today to ease the process of correcting birth records and drivers’ licenses importantly advances transgender and non-binary equality in New Hampshire. Since birth records are the legal basis that other documentation is based upon, the process to correct those records ought to be standardized, thorough, and conducted by the appropriate professionals.

Shifting certification from the court system to qualified health care professionals improves the process by assuring that those most qualified to attest to the gender identity of a transgender or non-binary person are recognized to do so. This change also recognizes what the medical community already knows is true – that being transgender or gender non-binary does not require a surgical change of sex.”

“Easing the process for correcting drivers licenses similarly advances equality for the transgender and non-binary community, and these bills work in conjunction to assure accurate designation and representation for all Granite Staters. I thank Representative Gerri Cannon, the sponsor of these bills, for her continued work on this issue. The Democratic Caucus is proud to support the rights, safety and security of all people.” 

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