Town of Springfield, Vt.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. -- With the 50th anniversary of Woodstock coming up this summer, a Springfield revitalization group look to celebrate in spirit, with a fundraiser fusing music, games and locally brewed beer.

Last night Springfield on the Move, a nonprofit downtown revitalization organization, acquired needed permits from the Springfield selectboard in order to hold “Troutstock,” a four-hour music event outside the Trout River Brewing Company this summer. The event, a fundraiser for Springfield on the Move’s downtown beautification and improvement projects, will showcase three sets of local music, food trucks, a variety of outdoor and table games, and alcoholic beverages from three Vermont vendors: Stowe Cider, Halyard Brewing Company and Trout River. 

“The past two years we held art events [for fundraisers],” said Jessica Martin, executive director of Springfield on the Move. “But this year we wanted to change things up.”

Martin said that, in addition to raising money for projects like planting flowers downtown and improving signage, the group wants an event that promotes Springfield and its offerings. In addition to Trout River’s participation, Springfield bakery Cuppity Kakes will sell food to patrons, while Springfield coffee company Flying Crow will provide coffee. 

Martin expects tickets to go on sale on Wednesday, pending final permit approval from the state. General admission tickets will cost $20, but Springfield or North Springfield residents qualify to purchase V.I.P. tickets for $30. V.I.P. tickets include transport to and from one’s home, provided by Current Transportation Services, event arrival one hour earlier and a tour of Trout River brewery. Purchasers of V.I.P. tickets must be residents of either Springfield or North Springfield, and must be purchased four weeks before the event, to allow The Current time to plan routes and logistics. 

Tickets will also be purchasable online using the Evenbrite app, though Martin told the selectboard she had not set it up, preferring to wait until the select board's approval. 

“I’m superstitious,” Martin said. 

The event grounds will include the parking lot behind Trout River and the top deck of the adjacent parking garage, which Martin said will provide shade and tables for attendees. 

“The garage is actually cooler than the building,” Martin said during an interview earlier.

Martin told the selectboard that the planners have already coordinated security and safety plans with the Springfield police department. Only off-duty officers may provide security at the event itself, Martin said, but Springfield’s department will provide uniformed officers and cruisers to help with traffic control. 

“We want to have a safe and fun event for attendees 21 and older,” Martin said. 

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