Springfield Hospital

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) and Springfield Hospital officials met with representatives of the Green Mountain Care Board and Agency of Human Services leadership on Monday to provide an update on immediate plans for the leadership of the organization’s operations and efforts initiated to address its financial position. 

“We recognize the urgency of our situation and are moving quickly to complete a thorough assessment and make timely improvements,” said George Lamb, Chairman of the SMCS board of directors. “While this is a challenging time for our organization, we have never been more united in our commitment to ensuring that SMCS and Springfield Hospital remain viable and continue to fill a critical need in the communities we serve. The board is most appreciative of the commitment of our employees and especially for their extra effort during this time.” 

According to Lamb, the appointment of an interim chief executive officer and chief financial officer are being finalized. The selected candidates will bring extensive experience working with critical access hospitals and federally qualified health centers, as well as a successful history of improving financial operations. Chief of Practice Operations Josh Dufresne will continue to serve as the primary administrative contact for SMCS and Springfield Hospital until the appointments are finalized. 

As part of its ongoing assessment of SMCS’ operations and finances, Quorum Health Resources has deployed an experienced lead financial consultant and committed other resources to support SMCS and Springfield Hospital. The board and SMCS leaders are actively reviewing system data and changes will be implemented as they are identified. 

Lamb and Dufresne emphasized that operations at Springfield Hospital and all SMCS locations continue with no interruption to patient care. “Providing the highest quality of care to our patients remains our first priority,” said Dufresne. “Our board and staff are committed to fulfilling our mission and continuing to serve patients at Springfield Hospital and our health centers throughout the region.” “With the leadership and guidance of the SMCS and Springfield Hospital boards of directors, we are working diligently to address operational issues with a focus on improving cash flow, ensuring continued access to supplies and equipment and strengthening the trust of our patients, employees and community members,” he added.

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