SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — The Springfield School Board met on Tuesday, June 11 to discuss the steps needed to fill a new vacancy on the board. On Friday, June 7, school board chair Ed Caron submitted his resignation from the board effective immediately. Caron said he regretted the difficult decision, but it was necessary due to personal, family, and health concerns.

Reflecting on Caron’s departure, board member Mike Griffin said, “For a little less than six years, Mr. Caron has been a school board member, during several of which he served as our board chairman. Prior to being on the board, Ed volunteered multiple years on the school budget committee. He brought with him many years of financial experience. He will be greatly missed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ed for his many years of service to our community and wish him well.”

According to state law, the board now has 30 days to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy through the next town vote in March. On Tuesday, the board decided to set-up a two-tiered process. First, it will request that interested Springfield residents submit a letter of intent. That letter needs to be submitted to the administrative assistant to the superintendent of schools by 5 p.m. on June 26. Those letters will then be reviewed by the board. The board then anticipates that they would then bring in one or more of those candidates for an interview. This interview would happen in person or by phone on July 2. The board would then make a public decision shortly thereafter.

With respect to the process board member Troy Palmer said, “We are excited to review applicants for the open seat on the school board. We are seeking to diversify our experiences and backgrounds to make for a more complete and stronger team. Ideally, this individual would run for the open position in March after the initial term. We will meet with a few selected applicants prior to making a decision.”

Interested residents should send their letter of intent to:

Colleen Amaya

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Springfield School District, 60 Park Street, Springfield, Vermont 05156


Letters should include a description of why one wishes to be on the board and an explanation of what an individual could contribute as a board member.

In addition to laying out its process, the board also reorganized its leadership. Former vice chair Michael Griffin was made the new board chair. Meanwhile, board member Troy Palmer was made the new vice chair. Steve Karaffa will continue serving in the role of board clerk.

For additional information, contact Zach McLaughlin SSD Superintendent at 802-885-5141 or zmclaughlin@ssdvt.org.

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