It's about beryl

Jim Pecora of the New England Mineral Museum gives talks on beryl, mica, and other local mining products. He holds a traveling piece of the museum.

UNITY — South Acworth was once the main mining source of the most precious and dangerous mineral on earth. The mineral beryl can be found in igneous rocks called pegmatites. Depending on the trace impurities present beryl is known by many names, including emerald and aquamarines. According to local lapidary artist Jim Pecora, who gave a talk at Unity Town Hall Saturday on “The Secret Life of Beryl,” beryllium, a metal derived from beryl is the critical ingredient in nearly every device of the modern age.

Cell phones, fluorescent lights, airplanes, batteries, USB connections, atomic bombs, lasers and plastics all have traces of beryllium — the element extracted from beryl — granting them durability, flexibility and resistance to corrosion.

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