Springfield High School

Springfield Vt. High School was locked down from noon to dismissal Wednesday because of a threat.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — Springfield High School and River Valley Technical Center went into a building lockdown yesterday after learning of a threatening note to the school community.

According to Springfield Superintendent Zach McLaughlin, the note was found in a bathroom in the Howard Dean Education Center Complex, which jointly houses Springfield High School, the technical center and other community partners.

“The two schools administrations put their schools into lockdown,” McLaughlin stated in a public release yesterday afternoon. “The schools notified the Springfield Police Department and the central office for Springfield School District.”

Around 1 p.m., the Springfield Police Department notified the community of the lockdown on the department’s Facebook page.

“Springfield High School in lockdown,” the post read. “Please, we are handling heavy emergency traffic — at this time we know this is quite stressful and emotional for many. We are diligently working to keep everyone safe. If there is any immediate information we will share as we can.”

An investigation by the police and school officials led to led to the identity of the involved student, who confessed to writing the note as a prank.

“School officials will be working through their disciplinary procedures in regard to the event,” McLaughlin said.

The lockdown was lifted prior to regular school dismissal at 2:35 p.m.

Speaking on behalf of the school district, McLaughlin expressed thanks to the Springfield Police Department for spearheading a multi-agency response that included the Springfield Fire Department; the Vermont State Police; the Bellows Falls Police Department; the Chester Police Department; and theWalpole, New Hampshire Police Department.

“Law enforcement and school officials remind the public that they play an important role in keeping our schools and community safe,” McLaughlin said. “If you see something that is concerning, please contact your police department or school officials immediately.”

Springfield Police Chief Mark Fountain could not be reached for comment by press time.

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