Unity town offices

Chase Tavern as it appears today.

UNITY — The Town of Unity held a public hearing on the 2019 budget Monday night. With few members of the public in attendance, the draft warrant was approved. 

The operating budget for the town is set at $1,202,463 for general municipal operations. In addition to the operating budget, nine articles cover special expenditures. 

Those articles are: $300,000 for the reconstruction of Center Road. Another $30,000 will be appropriated to continue building a vehicle shed at the highway department. To buy a tractor and trailer for the Parks and Recreation Department, $9,500. Other articles move appropriate money for reserves: $16,000 for well monitoring, to be added to a capital reserve fund for well monitoring associated with the landfill; $30,000 to the bridges capital reserve fund; $10,000 for a fire department capital reserve fund; $200,000 to add to the roads and bridges maintenance capital reserve fund; $50,00 to add to the highway vehicle capital reserve fund; $500 to add to the vital records restoration expendable trust fund. 

“We try to level fund the budget,” said Selectman Ted Gregory. “But we still try to keep moving forward with the projects we’re doing.” 

Last year, the town raised $1,052,556 through taxes. This year the tax levy, if all warrants pass, will be $1,047,793. 

In addition to taxes, the town raises money through licenses and fees. Motor vehicle permit fees for 2018 totaled $250,000. The yield tax (when people cut timber on Unity land) yielded $6,000; building permits $2,600; land use change tax (when people change the land use on a property) $6,000. The state shared taxes from a meals and rooms tax — $82,445 — and gave Unity a highway block grant of $113,293. Total estimated revenues for 2018 came to $679,671. 

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