V4A conference

On Friday, Sept. 27 several hundred individuals and agencies who serve the growing aging population of Vermont attended the V4A Annual Conference at the Killington Resort Hotel. Our keynote speaker was Emily Allen, senior vice president of programs for AARP. Representative, Dave Yacovone gave a very warm welcome speech on the aging process in Vermont. There were great breakout sessions on isolation, both situational and loneliness. The way we create a dialogue around these topics and how we can address the issues were presented creatively. It was seriously a challenge to select which session to attend at each interval. We all came away more determined than ever to work to help our physically remote and our disengaged older Vermonters become more socially and emotionally connected. Communicating in positive terms and framing social structures that welcome older participants are becoming more and more the norm in our state. This is very welcome. We realize that the disabled and aging population want to be with others and doing things that we all enjoy. Our job is to help make that possible!

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