Route 12A washout

One lane of Rt 12A in Plainfield remains closed indefinitely near the intersection with River Road. 

PLAINFIELD – State Department of Transportation officials are still studying the washout of a section of the bank under Route 12A, near the intersection with River Road. One lane of the road remains open, while the cracked side of the pavement is blocked off with Jersey barriers. 

“It's stable so far,” said District 2 Engineer Doug King. “You can tell by looking at the failure plane up to the crack in the road; the crack is still holding together so we know it's solid underneath it.” 

The section of riverbank that washed out April 21 is 60 to 70 feet high. Guardrails on the river side of the road now dangle in the air, and the soil beneath at least 20 feet of lane is gone. 

King said the DOT is still working on a plan to repair the bank underneath the road. “If we have to close the road we don't want traffic on top of it (by putting in a through lane). It'd be a challenge,” he said. 

According to the DOT, 3800 cars a day use that road. 

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