Carol (Couture) Westeren CLAREMONT — Carol Eleanor (Couture) Westeren, an angel sent from heaven on Oct. 12, 1940, returned to heaven on March 6, 2021. Daughter of Albert Eleazer Couture and Priscilla Augusta (Moore) Couture; a loving sister to Jacqueline (Couture) Terrell; Christian mother of two All-American and valedictorian sons, Ronald Cyrus and Alan Carl Westeren; and whose love, humility, intelligence, leadership, patience, compassion, charity, ability to lift the spirits of loved ones, friends and foes alike, and lion-like courage/resolve to confront, persevere and forgive the unforgivable, forever endeared you, Carol, to your sons and fellow human beings who both love and respect you and will forever cherish the positive force of nature that you are and your having left this earth a more pleasant place as a result of your selfless devotion to others, before returning to heaven to continue miraculous and healing acts of compassion, mercy and grace that you perfected while on earth. Priceless and immeasurably important are your wise and reverent teachings. Your unconditional love for others and exemplary altruistic life which brought joy, happiness and inspiration to all fellow humans within your sphere of influence were, and are, your ongoing gift to this world. You lived your life as Jesus Christ taught in the Bible. Your motherly nurturing passion and instincts did not go unnoticed. Selfless sacrifices, intimate listening ability, caring attitude and proactive spiritual guidance were your strengths and immensely impacted and influenced the development and maturation of your two sons, who both excelled in life as a result of your Angelic Motherly Love. God transiently gifted Carol to Ron and Alan to shape and mold their destiny, then redeemed and reunited Carol, for eternity, with her loving parents, family and God/Creator in heaven. God bless your soul, Carol. The universe mourns the loss of your positive spirit on earth whilst heaven rejoices in your return to your glorious home. Your loving sons, Ron and Alan. Announcement/notification Claremont residents: Funeral 11 a.m. Tuesday, July 20, at gravesite in Mountain View Cemetery, Claremont, New Hampshire.

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