Timothy N. Patch CLAREMONT — Timothy Norman Patch, of Paisley, Florida, was born on Sept. 15, 1962, in Claremont, New Hampshire. He was strong, honorable, prideful, and he always aimed to be and do the best for his family. He was an experienced freshwater angler, regular cat whisperer, master carpenter and antique collector. He could back a boat or trailer like placing a puzzle piece. He was an expert bird feeder, wind chime hanger and a skillful photographer, specializing in sunrise and sunset scenes. And there wasn’t a meat out there he couldn’t and didn’t enjoy cooking. There was never a smoker big enough to ever satisfy him. In fact, he parlayed that love of cooking into a very popular food truck business – Tim’s Lunchbox BBQ and Catering. He could skillfully and creatively use cuss words and other profanity to get his point across but could just as easily, with a simple look or expression, tell you how much he loved you. He ferociously loved his wife and family and had a kind and loving heart that grew bigger and bigger with each grandchild. Tim died on Dec. 27, 2021. Tim is survived by his wife, Rhonda Patch; his three sons, Axel, Tanner and Wyatt, and his three daughters-in-law, Amanda, Ashley and Shelby. Tim also leaves behind his beloved grandchildren, Jaxon, Marli, Adilynn and Lola; his brother, Shawn Patch and sister-in-law Daphne, and nieces, Kaitlin and Kylie; and his many, many friends as he was loved by so many. Tim is rejoined with his Nana, Alice Patch; his mother, Linda Patch; and his brother, Rickey Patch. A memorial service will be held Jan. 21, 2022, at Stringer Funeral Home in Claremont with calling hours from 2-4 p.m. followed by the service at 4 p.m.

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