Is censoring OK with you? It is here right now and hits me hard.

From 1940 to 1945 I lived in Holland under Nazi occupation. First, news was censored. Next, radios were confiscated to stop our listening to BBC. In school, history textbooks were collected and returned with new pages glued over old sections that did not suit the authorities. 1945: Never again would the free world allow such thought control!

In 2020, U.S. media, Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube now condone censorship as it serves the “greater good." Ordinary people cannot be trusted with contradictory information.

Our leading MDs and media executives will decide what we may hear. Credentialed MDs raising crucial issues around the lockdown, testing and treatment of COVID-19, accuracy of death counts, etc., are now censored.

Fortunately, one mainstream pundit, Tucker Carlson, recently said: “More informed debate is exactly what we need to make wise decisions going forward. Unfortunately for all of us, informed debate is exactly what the authorities don't want. They want unquestioned obedience so they are cracking down on free expression.”

Our Constitution gives us inalienable rights: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, a free press. Eagle Times, please lead the way to informed debate. Publish questions and views that might be censored elsewhere. China feels its population has to be controlled by censorship. But we live in America.

Gerhard Bedding

Keene, NH

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