Defense of the defenseless

I was aghast as I read Walt Stapleton’s defense of Donald Trump. I was one of those who complained about the sign on the Moody Building. What a disgrace. Trump is guilty of sedition and he should be — and hopefully will be — convicted of this crime.

Stapleton’s defense of Trump is despicable. He said he remains supportive of the Trump presidency. He does not like the behavioral style but he continues to condone it.

He further states that Jan. 6 does not reflect Trump supporters. I totally disagree. When you enable the man, you support his actions.

Walt went on to say he believes in respectful dialogue with Democrats and Independents. This cannot happen when you continue to advocate for support of a president who wants to overthrow democracy and even physically attack Congress. I am fearful that these enabling tactics will cause further insurrections before or on Inauguration Day. I pray for the safety and protection of our country from those who assault it.

James Contois

Claremont, NH

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