Gratitude, appreciation, and would you please

Many and much thanks to Southwestern Community Service in Claremont!

Those of us who either have no transportation, unavailable friends or neighbors, unavailable adult children living in other states, or live alone find ourselves in a predicament getting to the hospital, pharmacy, and appointments.

This was my predicament hearing that I needed two major surgeries within a four month period neither of which allowing me to drive. Thankfully and gratefully I was guided to Southwestern CAP in Claremont.

I was advised that Terry, director of transportation, would help me. And, she did! Terry always has a smile in her voice and an eager disposition to assist!

I was connected with volunteer drivers who offer their valuable time and cars to transport people in Sullivan County to their often life saving appointments.

My special thanks to three volunteer drivers who were there for me, Gianna, Sal and most especially Curtis who is so kind and caring as well as a true gentlemen. Without them I do not know what I would have done.

Please consider offering your time and car to help your neighbors in need. If you have a day a month or a week — whatever time you can offer. Along the way you get to meet wonderful people while making an enormous difference in their lives.

Also, as many of you might already know, seven of the eight buses at Southwestern CAP were vandalized with the removal of their catalytic converters. Insurance covered this expense with the exception of the deductible for all seven buses. This is a sizeable amount of money not in the CAP budget. If you could and would…please donate whatever amount you can to offset this unexpected and unimaginable expense. Contact or send a check to Southwestern CAP, 6 Kinney Pl, Claremont NH 03743. Thank You!

Judith Koester

Claremont NH

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