We have an education funding crisis in Newport. Residents pay unfairly high property taxes, and on top of that, our property taxes don’t raise enough money to fund Newport’s schools and educate our children. Ruth Ward has done nothing to protect our constitutional right for a state-funded adequate education. She has been a senator for four years and we cannot afford to have more of the same for the next two years. That’s why I’ll be voting for Jenn Alford-Teaster for Senate.

I believe the only thing that can change the economics of a community is education and we need representation that will fight to ensure that we receive an adequately and fairly funded public education that does not disproportionately fall on the backs of property tax payers. Our school districts deserve fair funding and in Newport, we currently do not have that.

Jenn understands that we need to fulfill our constitutional obligation to our public schools and our children. She knows that we need to invest in our children and in our public schools and ensure that the State pays their fair share towards public education. Jenn like myself is the product of our public schools, and knows the impact a public education can make. We need a change in Newport, and that’s why I’ll be voting for Jenn for Senate.

Kathy Hubert

Newport, NH

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