City leaders are succeeding in effectively moving Claremont forward. But in Concord, gridlock — most often caused by inaction or votes along party lines — have ongoing negative effects here at home.

In considering your votes for state representation this year, reflection is in order. For example, why has more than $10 million in municipal costs over the last ten years fallen on Claremont taxpayers?

Or this one: With local industries struggling to acquire local workers, why was the Granite State Jobs Act supported by only three of our four House reps? That act would have funded job training and services helping to provide a trained local workforce — one of the most important factors for economic development in our region.

Or maybe this one: Why is school funding parity — a problem that disproportionately affects Claremont — still not solved despite a 1997 court decision — the second one — that found the New Hampshire school funding system unconstitutional. Four governors and their legislatures refused to comply with the court's original orders, leading the Supreme Court to again find the New Hampshire school funding system unconstitutional. We’re still fighting about it today in the hard choices around school budgets. Why?

These and indeed lots of very important state challenges affect us here in Claremont. One of the most important solutions to these challenges comes from voting in or keeping in place people who have both good intentions for Claremont, and independence and steadfastness needed to follow through. In these regards, I urge you to support Liza Draper in Ward 3.

Andy Lafreniere

Claremont, NH

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