The only way to to do this is by voting for a new president who has at least some integrity and political experience. I fear that it will take years to clean up the financial mess that President Donald Trump has made. But we must start somewhere.

We truly don't know all of the problems created and hidden in the White House. But trust me, they will come out in time. And they will affect every single one of us.

Just remember in the 2016 presidential election, about 100 million eligible voters did not bother to even vote. Shame on us! So, let's make American great again by getting all Americans to vote!

Also, don't take his online surveys. His surveys are only allowing pro-Trump answers to make it through the survey. I curiously answered one just to let him know just how inadequate I thought he was as a leader. And at the end it asked me for money and would not let my survey go through unless I pledged him. Needless to say, I quickly left the survey.

Please Trump supporters, just think about his intentions here.

It's definitely time to get rid of him. Vote, vote, vote!

As an American it is your duty.

Linda Brown

Springfield, VT

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diego costa

poor linda, you couldn't be more wrong. id love to debate you but im just a monkey named diego. however im smart enuf to know rhat our GREAT President Donald Trump will win again, when we, the silent majority respond November 3 rd. MAGA 2020 long live Donald Trump!!!

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