The tabling of school restructuring in order to address a uniform curriculum plan offers an ideal opportunity for the SAU 6 administration to provide answers to the questions the community and school restructuring focus group brought forward.

We ask the administration to use this time to assemble and provide this information: a timeline of what led them to proposing school restructuring and who was involved.

We ask them to detail what specific problems they seek to solve within our schools, so the reasons brought forth next time for restructuring are clear and unshifting. Detail what other plans, if any, have been looked at to solve these problems. Provide us with the research supporting the presentation Mr. Tempesta has presented and posted. Work out the details of any plan they might want to propose so a detailed plan, instead of a vague outline, is available to the school board and the community if restructuring becomes the plan again in the future.

Even if the plan is off the table permanently, the community and school board should still have this information, as it relates to the functioning of our SAU administration and the concerns within our schools.

This is our community, we must continue to take an active role in its workings even when nothing of concern appears imminent.

Jeszadiah Eisenberg is a resident of Claremont.

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