The following is a condensed version of a letter I have sent to Gov. Chris Sununu.

Dear Gov. Sununu,

I am 58 years old. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and COPD. When I need to go out to get food or milk I feel as if I am risking my life because few people are wearing face masks during this pandemic.

My mother died of COVID-19 on June 2. Because she was in a nursing facility, my family and I were not able to visit with her in the weeks leading up to her death. My sister and I said our goodbyes to her through a window the day before she died as she laid unconscious in her bed. So, I know that it is not a hoax. I know it is real. I find it appalling that keeping each other safe through wearing masks has been politicized.

I do not believe that the so-called first wave of the pandemic is over and I am concerned that businesses like restaurants are opening too soon. But I can avoid such places. I cannot, however, avoid having to purchase food. I wish that I did not feel like I am at high risk when I go out to get what I need and I would not feel that way if wearing masks throughout this pandemic was mandatory in my state.

Personally, I wish my fellow citizens would listen to the medical professionals and choose to keep me and the essential workers who serve them safe, but that appears to be too much of me to ask. I beg you to make mask-wearing mandatory so that I feel safe when I leave my house.

Thank you.

Dorothy Brousseau

Claremont, NH

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The Watchman

I agree with you 100%. People seem to be under the impression that COVID19 only sickens and kills the elderly. They are wrong. I have written to our senator not once but two times about this issue of wearing masks. Part of his job is keeping residence of this state safe. It appears he is more interested in keeping his job than doing his job.

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