You might not be looking forward to receiving your tax bill, but you may be looking for it.

This year your tax bill will be a little late due to several factors. The process has been on a slight delay from the very beginning.

After a veto of the state budget and several weeks of negotiations, in September the state government reached a compromise on its budget. One of the critical elements included in the approved budget was the reinstatement of municipal aid.

Claremont received its portion of the municipal aid in mid-October. Per state statute, a public hearing must be held to accept and expend the funds. This mandatory meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12 and once concluded, the determination of what the school will do with the funds will be sent to the Department of Education and then to the Department of Revenue, where the tax rate will be set.

After the city receives its tax rate, the warrant will be run and the tax collector will send out the tax bills. As usual, once the tax bills are sent out, the first payment will be due within thirty days.

We thank you for your patience through this process and assure you that the City will do what it can to get the tax bills out in a timely manner.

Dorée Russell

Claremont, NH

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