In 1909, G.H. Stowell proposed a legacy to the town of Cornish to erect a library for all residents to enjoy. Save the Stowell believes that this legacy should be honored and that the Stowell should continue to be the place where residents say “The Stowell Library is where I fell in love with books.” Saving the Stowell as our library strengthens our community by linking the past with our present and future.

We are forward thinking preservationists, and we believe the Stowell Library, an architecturally important building in excellent condition, must be modernized to meet the needs of the town. The A2 Accessibility Design, which can be viewed on our website [<>]<>, was commissioned by the Library Trustees in 2019. We believe that the proposed connecting addition between the Stowell Library and Old Selectmen’s Office is a brilliant solution that would provide water service and access to both buildings at a fraction of the cost of the much larger proposals shown to the public at the library and store open houses. This smaller addition will preserve everything we love about the Stowell and bring modern conveniences to not one, but two town buildings.

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