Regarding the manger

How much more do we have to discuss about the manger in the park? I have lived here for 75 years plus and not once did anybody complain about it until now. We have around 13,000 people living here, so put it on the ballot. I know most of those that live here will say leave it alone. The person that started this lived here years before he said anything. Why are you kneeling before him. No policy like one of the people said. If he doesn’t like the manger then move out or don’t go by the park. First of all I don’t believe that nine people should have to vote on something that the rest of the people don’t want if there is a vote on a policy. I don’t want a policy. I like the manger the way it is. I don’t like one person come out of nowhere and doesn’t like what it stands for. You have plenty of options, move out, don’t go by the park or just accept it. If you won’t complain about high taxes, light bills, the school and the homeless that we keep. If there is anybody out there that has something to say, come out and say it. Leave it alone. If you don’t like it leave. We were here first.

By the way I could get people to put it up for nothing. So it wouldn’t hurt the city.

Richard Nelson


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