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Charlene Lovett

By Charlene Lovett

Every day we are bombarded with the latest news of how COVID-19 is progressing across our state, the nation and globe. It is a scenario that has caused fear, disrupted lives and translated into loss for many. While such a time of uncertainty could be discouraging or demoralizing, we live in a community that chooses to rise above the challenges of the pandemic and make a difference. Every day I learn more about what individuals, families, organizations and businesses are doing to uplift the community and help one another. Below is only a small sampling of those actions:


A store representative recently stopped by the Claremont Police Department to drop off a donation of items in short supply. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the first line of defense for emergency responders, protecting them and their families and ensuring and keeping them on the job. This donation was shared with the Claremont Fire Department and Golden Cross Ambulance.


With the closure of educational facilities and learning being conducted remotely, the lives of students have been heavily impacted. Knowing that this is a significant change and could be difficult for many, the staff at RVCC has made it a priority to check in with each student on a periodic basis.

In response to the need for items in short supply, RVCC donated medical supplies to Valley Regional Hospital and material to a local distillery for use in the manufacture of hand sanitizer. Additionally, the college used its 3-D printers to make face masks.


Local businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. One local business, the Ink Factory, has wasted no time in reaching out a helping hand. Ink Factory owners, Jeff and Sarah Barrette, have designed the “Love Local” shirt which individuals and businesses can purchase online or via phone from the Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce. Ten dollars of every shirt ordered will go to the purchaser’s choice of business. Neither the Ink Factory nor Chamber of Commerce benefit financially as all profits will go directly to those businesses in need. For further information or to place an order, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 603-543-1296 or go to www.greaterclaremontnh.org.

The above examples don’t begin to cover all that people are doing to help the community through this difficult time. To everyone who has taken action to help someone, thank you. Your efforts are critical to the community’s resiliency and our ability to overcome this together.

Charlene Lovett is the mayor of Claremont and a 22-year Army veteran. She welcomes your feedback. Please email questions, comments or concerns to her at clovett.ccc@gmail.com.

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