To the editor,

I did not plan on any more letters concerning Mr. Killay’s assault on the practices and beliefs of Claremont’s folks. But when Mr. Killay twists the meaning of my words and/or intentionally lies about what I’ve said it behooves me to set the record straight. I did not, nor have I ever objected, to the placing of secular objects with the crèche on the peoples park. His imagination continued in his claims that I would have to be satisfied with changes. I can’t even guess what he meant as I’ve never contemplated the placing of items at the park until he came from wherever and decided that he could determine what could or could not be allowed on the People’s Park. 

As for following the laws according to the Constitution I firmly believe in the Founding Fathers vision that as stated in the Declaration of Independence the Constitution derives its power from the “Governed,” from the people. It was restated in Article One, Section 1, first line: “legislative power Granted,” that is granted by the people. If the folks of Claremont were happy celebrating a national holiday in their way, so be it. 

I expect Mr. Killay will continue his anti-religion program where ever he goes, as I expect he has done wherever he has been.


Galen A. Crandall Jr.

CPO, USN, Ret.

Perkinsville, Vt.


P.S. A native of the area since 1934.

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Galen A Craball Jr. Your comments are very accurate including twisted stories and less than truthful statements made and posted by Mr Killay and his followers including his wife. Thanks for standing up for Claremont.

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