10192021 Jeb Monier

Jeb Monier heads to pay dirt with a 31-yard touchdown run as Springfield’s Carson Clark hurdles players trying to get to him.

WESTMINSTER, Vt — You know right away if you are in a football town just by the feel when you get to the field. Big crowd, lots of energy, school colors are everywhere, a band, a firetruck with the American flag hung high, and a fan base and team that sings their school song with pride.

This is what was on display Friday night as Bellows Falls hosted Springfield in their 106th football meeting.

“This is my field of dreams,” said Doug MacPhee.

When you add the fact the Cosmos were in town with their large following and up and coming football program, things couldn’t have been any more perfect for the Terriers senior night as Bellows Falls continued their winning ways.

Jake Moore is the Bellows Falls center and this was his game

“We’ve been getting ready for this season for a long time. We hit hard and work harder,” said the senior. “It feels right to get the pads back on this year. This is Bellows Falls football.”

Those hits were all over the fields across the state as the Division II Terriers have mowed down their opponents from every corner of Vermont and it was Springfields turn tonight. Jeb Lober, Harrison Gleim, Caden Haskell, Jeb Monier, Lober again and Gleim one more time all reached the endzone grass for Bob Lockerby’s undefeated Terrier team in the first half alone.

“We are all dedicated to this game and each other,” Lober said. “We have all the tools and the line is what makes it all happen.”

A great halftime ceremony took place that recognized the new Terrier hall of fame inductees for 2020 and 2021. 2020 Inductees were Chad Illingworth, Chris Hodsden, and Mary Farino along with the class of 2021 Inductees including Heather Waryas, Kim Wilkinson, and Jim Holton who were all called to midfield for pictures with the dinner and ceremony taking place on Saturday nigh.

The Cosmos were content putting some air under the football for much of the game with some downfield plays while blending in a little trickery along the way. Sam Presch started under center while freshman Carson Clark took over in the second half. Clark would hit pay-dirt late as the Terriers would add to their impressive win total with a 39-8 final score.

Bellows Falls quarterback Jonathan Terry gave way to junior Jamison Nystrom for the second half and couldn’t more pleased.

“It’s all good,” said the senior. “We did our job in the first half and this will help the team next season. We are a hard-hitting and physical team and with our backfield, line, and defense, I think anything is possible. This is so much fun.”

This was a game with zero turnovers, few penalties, lots of solid hits from both teams and a respect for each other. Players from both teams were often heard on the field complimenting each other and even cracking jokes about playing legion ball together from my sideline view.

With lots of players getting lots of playing time, the second half flew by with a running clock but the excitement of hoisting the trophy that has been passed from town to town for 105 years hasn’t faded. The trophy will stay in Bellows Falls for another season as the Bellows Falls team gathered in a circle to hoist the prize over their heads while singing their school song is a moment they won’t forget.

Across the field, the Cosmos are ready for the next step.

“Bellows Falls is just a great team,” said the always optimistic Cosmos head coach Todd Aiken, whose team left the field with no injuries. “We did some thing well tonight and we’ll get ready for our next game. We head back to Division III football next week, it’s when we can make a statement and grab the fourth spot for the playoffs.”

Next up for the Cosmos is a home game with Otter Valley on Friday while the Terriers head to Mt Abrams on Saturday.

“Make no mistake, I want a championship,” Moore said. “It’s as simple as that.”

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