05222021 Luke Forrest

Luke Forrest gets some air on this shot as he scored two goals on the day.

CLAREMONT — Playing with heavy hearts on Friday, the Stevens lacrosse team does what they do best, they play hard as a family and never quit.

“This team is so proud and determined, all we do is give 100% every time we step on the field,” said the lone Stevens senior Luke Forrest said after the game.

This game was dedicated to their teammate Noah Osgood who passed away this week as a large banner hung on the end of the field with Noah on everyone’s mind.

“We lost a piece of our family this week, its so hard to keep going at times but this team sticks together and we keep pushing ourselves,” said Hunter Christian.

That determination was on the field today as the heat slowed the Cardinals down but their intensity was still the same. With a big crowd on hand, Forrest’s goal early was matched with another as he found a seam and jumped to fire off a shot that found the net against a superior Monadnock team.

The Huskies have a deep and talented team with many players looking to continue their career in college while the Cardinals have a mix of middle schoolers and a coed team yet still play a varsity schedule with an inexperienced squad.

“We’re still a couple of years away but with the leadership of players like Luke, the younger kids see that tenacity and they have the hearts of lions,” said Stevens head coach Dennis Reiley.

Christian gave way to Ashley Michaud in net for the second half as the Cardinals tied Monadnock in the third period 1-1.

“We take the games one quarter at a time, we don’t look at the scoreboard and today we matched Monadnock evenly after the break,” Reiley said. “This was a very emotional game for us today.”

Lacrosse is a mix of hockey, basketball and football as solid hits and speed are the norm for this game. Tyler Christian would blast a shot into the net for Stevens as the midfield play of Jack Fellows was tenacious as he smashed away at the Monadnock players time and time again.

“I am just shocked and in awe of the way this team keeps working,” said Christian who started playing in the second grade. “They show up at practice and games with a can do attitude even though we haven’t won a game since I can remember, that takes guts and courage.”

Although the Cardinals fell to Monadcock, the hopes are still bright for the future.

“This is a high skill game and success doesn’t come overnight,” Forrest said. “We have the desire and the skill will come, this group gives it their all and I expect great things in the future.”

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