LANGDON — The Cardinals did everything they wanted Tuesday night as they handed Fall Mountain a 3-0 loss during the Charity Cup game as a large Stevens fan base made the trip.

Stevens was the aggressor all night as they pinned the Wildcats in their own defensive zone for much of the game. Melodee Chambers was busy in net for FM as the Cardinals kept pounding away with shots from all angles. FM packed in the zone with as many as 10 players at times to keep the Cardinals off the board.

Tanner Brown opened the scoring for Stevens with a goal 10 minutes into the game as the FM defense, consisting of Avery Stewart, Olivia Dunnigan, Nora Dunnigan and Kakayla Waysville, was under attack early and often. With Brown and Sydney Miller dominating the midfield area, Jenna Bonneau looked into the corners as Angelina LeClair, Stella Lavertue and Tori Dalke were in great positions for crosses into the goal area.

Molly Derosier and Riley Murphy were putting pressure on FM when LeClair’s goal put the Cardinals in control midway into the first half, 2-0. That score would hold up into the break.

“I thought we worked the ball to open spaces well tonight and we kept our shape throughout the game,” said Stevens coach Tom Belaire.

The second 40 minutes was a repeat of the first half as Stevens dominated possession and had the ball in the FM third of the field for extended periods of time. Brynn Murphy, Ellee Grenier and Hannah Miller were in control of the midfield area as the shots from the Cardinals just kept heading toward Chambers, who finished the night with 42 saves.

The prettiest play of the night began with a Molly Derosier run down the left sideline that was crossed toward net. Sydney Miller reached out and headed a perfect shot into the far corner to give Stevens a 3-0 lead to cap the scoring.

“We have been working so hard in practice and tonight everything seemed to work perfectly. We marked well and kept our spacing really good and my back line was just solid again,” said Stevens keeper Fionah Carbee.

Stevens moves to 11-0-1 and will face Hopkinton at home on Thursday at 6 p.m. The Cardinals clipped the Hawks 2-1 a couple weeks ago in Hopkinton. This is the game of the year and a huge crowd is expected in the city.

The Wildcats now stand at 5-6-1 and will host Newport next Wednesday.

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