The 12U Newport Elite Tigers softball team pose for a group photo with Central Pennsylvania Impact during their Myrtle Beach trip.

After a long winter of preparation, the Newport Elite Tigers 12U Softball team traveled to Myrtle Beach to attend Youth Softball Nationals.

The team is comprised of 10 girls from Newport and 1 girl from Claremont. The girls played in 5 pool play games, finishing 8 out of 10 teams in pool play and moved onto championship play, playing in 2 more games to finish 5th out of 10 teams in the tournament.

The Teams were from all over the U.S. such as Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky.

The majority of their time was spent playing softball, although they were able to enjoy some memorable team moments and team bonding.

The Elite Tigers were able to meet players and coaches from all over. They played Central Pennsylvania Impact, whose head coach left a review on the Elite Tigers’ Facebook page.

“Elite Tigers have an amazing coaching staff, one heck of a group of parents and some of the best girls we have had the pleasure of playing on the same field of battle with,” said Impact head coach Brett Gold. “We wish you the best and hope to see you all again soon. You have some new fans and friends that want to see the best for you all. Thanks again from all of us at CPA Impact coaches, parents and players you guys rock!”

The Elite Tigers want to thank everyone in the community and businesses for their support and encouragement of the girls.

The girls exceeded expectations and then some, as they walked away with three wins and held the top seeded team (3 divisions above them) to a no-score game through 3 innings. The girl’s confidence was even higher at the end of this trip than ever before. They won’t remember the scores of the games or the wins but they will cherish the memories for life.

The Elite Tigers move on to play in 3 more tournaments to wrap up their season.

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