10262021 Corina Mitchell

Corina Mitchell deflects a shot on goal during a 2-1 double overtime loss against Green Mountain on Senior Day.

The Bellows Falls Senior Day game was a display of a stubborn Terriers team that just wouldn’t go away.

Carolyn Hamilton’s Green Mountain girls soccer team was able to grab a goal in the first half past senior Goalie Corina Mitchell as that single goal would carry into the second half.

Early in the second half Terriers junior Kayli Aldrich passed the ball past Green Mountain defenders and junior Jenna Dolloph out ran them all to shoot the ball past the goalie to tie the score 1-1 that would remain until overtime was needed to decide the match.

“Never underestimate the Terrier spirit,” said Bellows Falls head coach Jamie Dansereau. “The Bellows Falls girls were relentless as they continued to take the ball to Green Mountain. If they got knocked down they would get back up and just bring it harder.”

One overtime wasn’t enough as another 10 minutes were added to the clock to find a winner on Senior Day.

In double overtime, the Terriers looked like they would be grabbing a win as junior Alannah McAllister carried the balls past Green Mountain and let one fly. The Chieftains keeper fumbled the ball a bit as Bellows Falls senior Bre Stockman was there to put the pressure on but denied a Bellows Falls win. Green Mountain brought the ball down and fought their way through Bellows Falls defense they were able to fire a shot just out of reach of the Terriers' senior goalie Corina Mitchell for a 2-1 Green Mountain win.

“For 95 minutes Bellows Falls made a statement they had let known that no matter what the Terrier spirit is strong and will always fight hard,” Dansereau said. “The girls held their heads high as the cleaned up the field, received hugs from fans and family before awaiting playoffs.”

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