CLAREMONT — Stevens boys basketball coach Doug Beaupre was handed a frost-laden cupcake on his birthday Friday night, but he didn’t have much of an appetite for it.

The tough season wore on as the Cardinals continued to have offensive woes, losing 66-22 to a John Stark team that was down deep in the Division II standings.

“That’s no three-win, now four-win team,” said Beaupre, the Stevens athletic director who took over the team after Dan Ryan was replaced after a 1-8 start.

The Generals came into the game at 3-11 against the 2-10 Cardinals, who are trying to salvage something of the season that has not had many highlights. However, the Generals went ahead 25-6 after one period and 43-15 at the half, a half in which the Generals connected on nine three-point baskets.

It was also a night that the Generals’ Christian Barr reached the 1,000-point plateau with a scout from New England College looking on.

“He’s the real deal,” said Beaupre.

Beaupre likes this group of players, despite the record, believing they are playing to the best of their ability.

“It’s a good group,” he said. “They are working hard. I wish we could reward that effort with some wins.”

Like most of the season the Cardinals were the much smaller team as Barr was 6-foot-3 and Kayden Easter 6-foot-2. Both players are broad-shouldered.

Still, there was no denying that some of the old bugaboos that have haunted the Cardinals all season remain as they had trouble taking care of the ball and the shot selection was not at its best.

“Sometimes we took shots that were ill-advised and should have waited for a better opportunity,” said Beaupre.

There are still five games remaining for the Cardinals, starting with a Monday game at Newport.

Barr finished with 18 points and Guard Jacob Greene had 17.

Clayton Wadsworth and Alex Taylor each had six for Stevens.

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