Local sports coverage is what we love to do, and we want to get better with your help.

The Eagle Times sports department covers the schools of Newport, Sunapee, Stevens, Fall Mountain and Mount Royal in New Hampshire, plus Windsor, Springfield, Green Mountain and Bellows Falls in Vermont. When you add up the schools plus all the teams participating, it comes up to around 50 different programs this season that we try to cover as much as possible. It’s not uncommon to have in excess of 20 to 30 home games each week in our area.

The Eagle Times and Rutland Herald have joined forces and will share resources to keep on top of games on both sides of the Connecticut River, and with some new sports reporters as well at the Eagle Times, we are ready to provide some great coverage for our readers. I have been working with the Eagle Times for over three years now. I have been asked to fill in as the Interim Sports Editor until a perfect candidate is on board, and I’ve been doing my darn best for the past few weeks to provide coverage.

Paul Howe, Denise Hopta Hunter, Doug MacPhee, Bob Stoddart and Malcolm Blue are all part of the Eagle Times sports department now as photographers and reporters, and they all bring a level of photography that is just spectacular. These folks all have strong local ties to the areas they cover, and I’m sure most people already know them and have seen them at many games.

Poody Walsh is always someone who has delivered the best reporting in the area and Archie Mountain will add to the coverage as well for the Newport area.

This is a great time of the year. The fall sports season is well underway and with some of the changes and additions we’ve made, hopefully you’ve noticed some great coverage focusing on our local athletes and schools. In the first month of the local sports season, we have covered over 50 games from every school in our area — all with part-time staffers.

We welcome ideas, suggestions and yes, criticism to help improve what and how we report local sports. Submissions are always welcome as space allows and we would love to hear how the area alumni student athletes are doing at college. Yes, bragging is allowed and encouraged, so please send us any info and pictures of our college athletes or anything else you think our readers will be interested in.

This is your community newspaper and we look forward to improving along the way. Let us know how we did and what we can do better to provide the best local sports coverage.

Email us at: sports@eagletimes.com or call us at (603) 543-3100

Thank you, Christopher Shaban

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