Photo: Eagle sports- Stevens high cheerleaders joined by mini Cardinals for the game

The Stevens varsity squad consists of Olivia Little, Olivia Baker, Maddie Bonneville, Taylor MacLean, Emily Vire, Richelle Girard, Brianna Martell, Cally Barrette, Lois Ordway, Lizzy Gagne. Missing from photo: Alexis LaClair and Erin Stewart. Jenn Ferland is the coach. The Mini-Cardinals squad includes: Faythe Bonner, Lainey Christiansen, Mirica Cook, Payton Ferland, Mackenzie Fowler, Alexia Gonyea, Jayda Kneeland, Charlotte Mitcheal, Isabella Nemi, Arianna Pelton, Devyn Quick, Gabriella Rheaume, Ysabella Rhodes, Natalie Ryan, Eva Stearns, Roslyn Toth, Neilah VonKahle, Madison Zezima, Lauren Dings, Rylee Godsoe. Danielle Lundy is the coach.

The Stevens Cardinals’ cheerleading squad had some special help during Friday’s home basketball game. The Mini-Cardinals, consisting of first through 5th graders, joined the varsity squad for the game. Danielle Lundy started this program while still a student at Stevens and was a member of Jenn Ferland’s squad at the time. Five years later, the Mini-Cardinal have grown to over 20 members and, judging from their halftime performance, are a very talented group.

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