WINDSOR, Vt. – On Saturday, Windsor hosted the D-III track and field championships for Vermont, and local athletes made themselves known, specifically on the boys’ side.

The Springfield boys finished second overall and the Windsor boys trailed not too far behind, coming in fourth.

Being asked how he felt upon the announcement of the Cosmos achieving state runner-up, assistant coach Stephen Lawrence responded, “I felt incredibly proud of every one of our athletes. It’s an awesome achievement for the team.” Springfield head coach Jim Fog added, “It’s great to see our athletes come together as a unit and deliver their best performances when it matters most.”

Junior Cadence Wheeler led the Cosmos boys, winning javelin, triple jump, high jump, and coming in second in the long jump. Springfield also depended on junior sprinter Max Leninski, who placed second in the 100m dash and fourth in the 200m (both personal records).

Senior AJ Aldrich placed third in the 400m and finished fifth in the 200m, and was joined Leninski, senior Bryson Jester and sophomore Ryan Antonivich to place 2nd in 4x100.

For Windsor, they were led by sophomore Owen Abrahamsen, who finished first in the 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles, and the pole vault. Eli Milligan finished first in the discus and had three second-place finishes to help out the Yellow Jackets.

The Springfield girls finished eighth on Saturday. Anna Ondre placed second in high jump and placed fifth in long jump (both personal records). Skyler Congdon placed third in discus, and ran a leg of the 4x800 relay with her sister, senior captain Paige Congdon, Chloe Jerman-Brown, and Ondre.

Springfield sophomore Natalia Dorcely placed second in triple jump and sixth in long jump. She teamed with junior Maddi O’Brien, and classmates Hannah Hallock and Hannah Dolloff to place sixth in the 4x100. Sophomore Haley Gibbons hit a season’s best to place fourth in the triple jump.


100m: 1st- Jarret Rock (Oxbow) 11.43. 2nd- Maxim Leninski (Springfield) 11.55. 3rd- Riley Burkins (Thetford) 11.56. 4th- Adam Luzader (Mill River) 11.77. 5th- Ty LaVictoire (Mill River) 11.85. 6th- Caleb Svayg (Lake Region) 11.93.

200m: 1st- Jarret Rock (Oxbow) 23.45. 2nd- Riley Burkins (Thetford) 23.88. 3rd- Ty LaVictoire (Mill River) 24.20. 4th- Maxim Leninski (Springfield) 24.40. 5th- AJ Aldrich (Springfield) 24.44. 6th- Adam Luzader (Mill River) 24.68.

400m: 1st- Zeke Palmer (Vergennes) 52.67. 2nd- Cole Alexander (Lake Region) 53.36. 3rd- AJ Aldrich (Springfield) 54.05. 4th- Ahmad Faraz (Springfield) 54.37. 5th- Caleb Chase (White River Valley) 54.98. 6th- Levi Ashline (BFA-Fairfax) 55.01.

800m: 1st-Tad Darrah (Thetford) 2:01.29. 2nd- Wade Mullin (Vergennes) 2:03.30. 3rd- Owen Caotes (Woodstock) 2:07.65. 4th- Jacob Slaughter (Thetford) 2:08.71. 5th- Keelan Durham (Oxbow) 2:08.79. 6th- Jonathan Dexter (Windsor) 2:09.51.

1500m: 1st- Brogan Giffin (Mill River) 4:13.13. 2nd- Isaac Kaplan (Randolph) 4:14.88. 3rd- Owen Deffner (Thetford) 4:14.91. 4th- Tad Darrah (Thetford) 4:23.73. 5th- Ben Houston (Vergennes) 4:31.11. 6th- Tobin Durham (Oxbox) 4:33.17.

3000m: 1st- Brogan Giffin (Mill River) 9:26.94. 2nd- Owen Deffner (Thetford) 9:36.99. 3rd- Isaac Kaplan (Randolph) 9:42.94. 4th- Tad Darrah (Thetford) 10:04.80. 5th- Tobin Durham (Oxbow) 10:28.17. 6th- Bel Spelman (Thetford) 10:41.09.

110m Hurdles: 1st- Owen Abrahamsen (Windsor) 15.91. 2nd- Jason Wolstenholme (Thetford) 17.76. 3rd- Carter Banks (Thetford) 18.55. 4th- Caden Beamis (Mill River) 19.03. 5th- Nacio Levey (Thetford) 20.24.

300m Hurdles: 1st- Owen Abrahamsen (Windsor) 42.39. 2nd- Jason Wolstenholme (Thetford) 43.24. 3rd- Carter Banks (Thetford) 45.84. 4th- Cole Royer (Lake Region) 45.96. 5th- Keagan Jarvis (Randolph) 46.35. 6th- Caden Beamis (Mill River) 47.09.

4x100m Relay: 1st- Lake Region (Cole Alexander, Cameron Falconer, Caleb Svayg, Grant LaClair) 48.09. 2nd- Springfield (Maxim Leninski, Bryson Jester, Ryan Antonovich, AJ Aldrich) 48.13. 3rd- Mill River (Zack Ames, Caden Beamis, Ty LaVictoire, Adam Luzader) 48.65. 4th- Oxbow (Brennan Kimball, Matthew Hayes, Max Clarich, Calvin Cook) 48.66. 5th- Thetford Academy (Max Higgins, Jackson Ransom, Jason Wolstenholme, Jacob Slaughter) 49.36. 6th- BFA-Fairfax (Dylan Kissinger, Owen Senesac, Nate Langlois, Levi Ashline) 49.96.

4x400m Relay: 1st- Vergennes (Zeke Palmer, Ben Huston, Xander DeBlois, Wade Mullin) 3:42.00. 2nd- Thetford (Tad Darrah, Bel Spelman, Jacob Slaughter, Eli Kaliski) 3:44.91. 3rd- Springfield (AJ Aldrich, Kayden Huntley, Will Bishop, Ahmad Faraz) 3:51.72. 4th- Lake Region (Cole Alexander, Grant LaClair, Quinn Snedeker, Caleb Svayg) 3:52.21. 5th- Woodstock (Chase Conway, Matthew Ennis, Alexander Inglis, Owen Coates) 3:53.85. 6th- White River Valley (Jacob Cloud, Jack Simack, Sam Fisk, Caleb Chase) 3:56.64.

4x800m Relay: 1st- Vergennes (Ben Huston, Erich Reitz, Gabe Praamsma, Wade Mullin) 8:44.75. 2nd- Thetford (Frank Loveland, Eli Kaliski, Jacob Slaughter, Bel Spelman) 9:12.96. 3rd- Woodstock (Chase Conway, Calef Hepler, Owen Coates, Matthew Ennis) 9:18.96. 4th- Lake Region (Cole Royer, William Whitehouse, Grant LaClair, Josh Kelley) 9:28.01. 5th- White River Valley (Kendrick Madore, Ryan Smith, Jacob Cloud, Sam Frisk) 9:29.99. 6th- Windsor (Dylan DeSchamp, Jonathan Dexter, Ben Gilbert, Trace Petermann) 9:35.66.

Shot Put: 1st- Calvin Cook (Oxbow) 46’5.5”. 2nd- Eli Milligan (Windsor) 42’10.5”. 3rd- Deacon Watson (Springfield) 38’9.5”. 4th- Camden Moffitt (Thetford) 38’5”. 5th- Wayne Alexander (Lake Region) 36’10”. 6th- Jacob Underhill (Windsor) 35’7”.

Discus: 1st- Eli Milligan (Windsor) 123’. 2nd- Calvin Cook (Oxbow) 119’7”. 3rd- Aleem Leach-Peel (Enosburg) 117’8”. 4th- Deacon Watson (Springfield) 106’11”. 5th- Camden Moffitt (Thetford) 106’3”. 6th- Ben Gilbert (Windsor) 103’4”.

Javelin: 1st- Cadence Wheeler (Springfield) 149’9”. 2nd- Eli Milligan (Windsor) 145’5”. 3rd- Brennan Kimball (Oxbow) 138’3” 4th- William Bugg (Thetford) 133’5”. 5th- Gordon Lawyer (Enosburg) 128’11”. 6th- Wayne Alexander (Lake Region) 122’1”.

High Jump: 1st- Cadence Wheeler (Springfield) 6’. 2nd- Knute Linehan (Thetford) 5’10”. 3rd- Riley Burkins (Thetford) 5’8”. 4th- Logan Crane (Woodstock) 5’8”. 5th- Jacob Cloud (White River Valley) 5’6”. 6th- Max Higgins (Thetford) 5’3”.

Pole Vault: 1st- Owen Abrahamsen (Windsor) 10’6”. 2nd- Eli Milligan (Windsor) 10’6”. T-3rd- Jack Simack (White River Valley) 10’3”. T-3rd- Sam Fisk (White River Valley) 10’3”. 5th- Knute Linehan (Thetford) 9’6”. 6th- Bel Spelman (Thetford) 9’6”.

Long Jump: 1st- Jarret Rock (Oxbow) 22’0.25”. 2nd- Cadence Wheeler (Springfield) 21’0.5”. 3rd- Knute Linehan (Thetford) 20’6”. 4th- Max Klarich (Oxbow) 18’11.5”. 5th- Gabe Lowell (Lake Region) 18’5.5”. 6th- Tyler Bean (Woodstock) 18’5”.

Triple Jump: 1st- Cadence Wheeler (Springfield) 41’2”. 2nd- Jarret Rock (Oxbow) 40’7”. 3rd- Knute Linehan (Thetford) 39’4.25”. 4th- Max Klarich (Oxbow) 37’8”. 5th- Max Higgins (Thetford) 37’5.75”. 6th- Logan Crane (Woodstock) 36’4.5”.


100m: 1st- Natalie Strand (Randolph) 13.23. 2nd- Joslyn Hinton (Lake Region) 13.35. 3rd- Lola Dorsogna (Woodstock) 13.36. 4th- Julia Deppert (Mill River) 13.46. 5th- Suzie Petrossi (Mill River) 13.55. 6th- Esther Sewall (Oxbow) 14.04.

200m: 1st- Natalie Strand (Randolph) 27.22. 2nd- Suzie Petrossi (Mill River) 28.04. 3rd- Lola Dorsogna (Woodstock) 28.05. 4th- Julia Deppert (Mill River) 28.26. 5th- Cedar Winslow (Vergennes) 28.49. 6th- Olivia Suker (Mill River) 28.57.

400m: 1st- Natalie Strand (Randolph) 1:00.55. 2nd- Victoria Bassette (Woodstock) 1:03.31. 3rd- Lily Wallker Money (Woodstock) 1:05.09. 4th- Esther Sewall (Oxbow) 1:06.87. 5th- Selina Lawyer (Enosburg) 1:07.30. 6th- Maddie Cholewa (BFA-Fairfax) 1:09.13.

800m: 1st- Victoria Bassette (Woodstock) 2:27.50. 2nd- Layla Hanissian (Thetford) 2:31.36. 3rd- Anna Hepler (Woodstock) 2:38.47. 4th- Natalie Strand (Randolph) 2:49.28. 5th- Madeline Hiller (Woodstock) 2:54.56. 6th- Alicia Ostrom (Windsor) 2:55.95.

1500m: 1st- Erica Thaler (Lake Region) 5:13.45. 2nd- Anna Hepler (Woodstock) 5:18.76. 3rd- Annika Heintz (Mill River) 5:21.04. 4th- Madison Powers (Thetford) 5:22.65. 5th- Kaitlyn Verge (Lake Region) 5:24.11. 6th- Eloise Van Meter (Thetford) 5:29.20.

3000m: 1st- Annika Heintz (Mill River) 11:52.40. 2nd- Eloise Van Meter (Thetford) 12:01.62. 3rd- Anna Hepler (Woodstock) 12:09.40. 4th- Layla Hanissian (Thetford) 12:49.10. 5th- Olivia Kaplan (Randolph) 12:59.49. 6th- Mei Elander (Enosburg) 13:30.71.

100m Hurdles: 1st- Faye Stevens (Woodstock) 16.76. 2nd- Grace Davis (Thetford) 17.05. 3rd- Kiran Black (Thetford) 17.77. 4th- Mahlia Parsons (BFA-Fairfax) 5th- Samara Spelman (Thetford) 18.12. 6th- Novah Conway (Woodstock) 18.21.

300m Hurdles: 1st- Faye Stevens (Woodstock) 48.73. 2nd- Madison Powers (Thetford) 52.96. 3rd- Elle Dixon (Thetford) 53.98. 4th- Selina Lawyer (Enosburg) 54.37. 5th- Novah Conway (Woodstock) 55.34. 6th- Ava Dodson (Woodstock) 55.95.

4x100m Relay: 1st- Mill River (Hannah Anderson, Julia Deppert, Suzie Petrossi, Olivia Suker) 52.84. 2nd- Vergennes (Rhode Miguel, Cedar Winslow, Ciara McClay, Amber Krumrie) 54.14. 3rd- Woodstock (Lily Walker Money, Lola Dorsogna, Novah Conway, Ava Dodson) 54.62. 4th- Lake Region (Joslyn Hinton, Erica Thaler, Kaitlyn Verge, Caroline Lowry) 55.41. 5th- BFA-Fairfax (Kali Wooster, Nikki Cholewa, Mahlia Parsons, Baylee LaForce) 55.41. 6th- Springfield (Madison O’Brien, Hannah Dolloff, Hannah Hallock, Natalia Dorcely) 57.04.

4x400m Relay: 1st- Thetford (Layla Hanissian, Casey, MacVeagh, Eloise Van Meter, Madison Powers) 4:31.85. 2nd- BFA-Fairfax (Kali Wooster, Nikki Cholewa, Halle Wimette, Maddie Cholewa) 4:32.71. 3rd- Woodstock (Anna Hepler, Bronwyn, Alessandra Crimis, Taylor Crompton) 4:40.78. 4th- Mill River (Annika Heintz, Morgan Manley, Faith Murray, Alia Lunna) 4:58.56. 5th- Vergennes (Olivia Hutchins, Marin Howell, Ahley Cray, Cedar Winslow) 5:01.62. 6th- White River Valley (Kaylyn Scoskie, Keegan Marshia, Wynter Simack, Laurel Marshia) 5:12.87.

4x800m Relay: 1st- Thetford (Abigail Berard, Olivia Sayers, Layla Hanissian, Casey MacVeagh) 11:26.14. 2nd- Woodstock (Claire Coates, Madeline Hiller, Bronwyn Morris, Kit Oney) 11:35.10. 3rd- Randolph Union (Olivia Kaplan, Wilder Grimes, Nina Mazzella, Sarah Garvin) 11:44.95. 4th- White River Valley (Lilly Hudson, Laurel Marshia, Eliza Mabey, Keegan Marshia) 11:55.63. 5th- Springfield (Paige Congdon, Skyler Congdon, Chloe Jerman-Brown, Anna Ondre) 12:32.72.

Shot Put: 1st- Kelly Daigle (Oxbow) 32’1.5”. 2nd- Joslyn Hinton (Lake Region) 30’1”. 3rd- Kayla Busby (Thetford) 28’2”. 4th- Lana Wood (Oxbow) 27’10.75” 5th- Emily Bartholomew (Enosburg) 25’10”. 6th- Amelia Jones (Mill River) 25’8”.

Discus: 1st- Kelly Daigle (Oxbow) 102’7”. 2nd- Emma Steever (Mill River) 78’. 3rd- Skyler Congdon (Springfield) 72’9”. 4th- Amelia Jones (Mill River) 71’2”. 5th- Lorr Rosten (Oxbow) 67’11”. 6th- Lana Wood (Oxbow) 65’7”.

Javelin: 1st- Wynter Simack (White River Valley) 98’. 2nd- Joslyn Hinton (Lake Region) 90’5”. 3rd- Amelia Jones (Mill River) 87’1”. 4th- Emily Bartholomew (Enosburg) 82’1”. 5th- Emma Bryant (Vergennes) 76’7”. 6th- Kelly Daigle (Oxbow) 74’2”.

High Jump: 1st- Grace Davis (Thetford) 5’2”. 2nd- Anna Ondre (Springfield) 5’. 3rd- Casey MacVeagh (Thetford) 4’6”. 4th- Victoria Bassette (Woodstock) 4’6”. 5th- Emma Colby (Thetford) 4’5”. 6th- Aryan Steinberg (Lake Region) 4’4”. 7th- Haley Gibbons (Springfield) 4’4”.

Pole Vault: 1st- Kaylyn Scoski (White River Valley) 7’6”. 2nd- Anna Thornton (Windsor) 7’6”. T-3rd- Faye Stevens (Woodstock) 7’. T-3rd- Hannah Schwarz (Thetford) 7’. 5th- Grace LaFromboise (White River Valley) 6’6”. 6th- Casey MacVeagh (Thetford) 6’6”.

Long Jump: 1st- Grace Davis (Thetford) 16’0.5”. 2nd- Victoria Bassette (Woodstock) 15’4”. 3rd- Faye Stevens (Woodstock) 14’0.5”. 4th- Mahlia Parsons (BFA-Fairfax) 13’9.25”. 5th- Anna Ondre (Springfield) 13’7.5”. 6th- Natalia Dorcely (Springfield) 13’6.5”.

Triple Jump: 1st- Grace Davis (Thetford) 34’6”. 2nd- Natalia Dorcely (Springfield) 30’9.5”. 3rd- Kaylyn Scoskie (White River Valley) 30’6”. 4th- Haley Gibbons (Springfield) 29’3.5”. 5th- Grace LaFromboise (White River Valley) 29’1”. 6th- Abigail Berard (Thetford) 26’8.5”.


Thetford (141); Springfield (86); Oxbow (79); Windsor (68); Mill River (44); Vergennes (40); Lake Region (36); Woodstock (20); White River Valley (17); Randolph (16); Enosburg (8); BFA-Fairfax (2).


Thetford (126); Woodstock (125); Mill River (68); Randolph (42); Lake Region (41); White River Valley (34); Oxbow (33); Springfield (32); BFA-Fairfax (19); Vergennes (14); Enosburg (13); Windsor (10).

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