10122021 Luke Gay

Luke Gay throws a stiff arm on a Somersworth defender during a nice run for Fall Mountain on Friday.

LANGDON — Fall Mountain quarterback Luke Gay connected with Brady Elliott for a 59-yard touchdown pass down the sideline after the Hilltoppers scored first on Friday in what appeared to be a good old fashion slugfest in the making before a huge homecoming crowd.

Somerworth brought a big front line and a very hungry offense to Langdon as Orion Binney’s team needed to play a perfect game to keep pace in the Division IV standings. After another score by Somersworth, the Wildcats were punching right back with Gay looking downfield towards Elliott again. The speedy receiver had defenders on his tail but the pass trickled through his outstretched hands on what looked like a sure score. Fall Mountain was forced to punt and Somersworth pounded it 69 yards downfield as Calvin Lambert would add to his impressive scoring night as he found pay-dirt for another one of his three touchdowns pushing the Somersworth lead to 20-6 as the visitors began to take over.

With an offensive line that began to find something, Gay began to get around the corner for some nice gains but the drive crashed and burned on a fourth down attempt. The visitors were on the verge of blowing things wide open before the half when Fall Mountain’s Eric Franklin had perfect defensive position and picked off Jeff Dekorne’s pass in the end-zone to kill any chance of a late first half score by Somersworth.

Fall Mountain began the second half bowling defenders over with big gains by Gay while Finnegan Brodeur followed his blockers to grab more chinks or real real estate with the Wildcats moving toward pay-dirt but a holding penalty crushed the drive as Somersworth took over on their 45. A big play by Somerworth was called back then Mr. Quinn Healy smothered Lambert for a loss as the Wildcats defense was fired up after that big hit.

With the clock working against Fall Mountain, they decided to go for it on another fourth down and Somersworth rose to the occasion to take over. Healy’s second sack in as many possessions slowed the visitors down but a 29 yard blast pushed things past the point of no return for Fall Mountain.

Somersworth ended with a 34-6 win as the Wildcats (2-3) are in a must win game at Bishop Brady (2-3) on Thursday.

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