09252021 Sunapee junior Brynn Smith

Sunapee junior Brynn Smith (8) entered the 100-goal club on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021.

SUNAPEE — Sunapee High School junior Brynn Smith is a scoring machine.

On Thursday, Smith was a pivotal part of the Larker win as she scored four crucial goals, including her 100th varsity point.

In her freshman year, Smith tallied 30 goals and 13 assists and last year she notched 17 goals along with 17 assists. In just seven games into the 2021 season Smith has already grabbed 16 goals and seven assists.

“There has been so many great Sunapee soccer players and I just hope to do my best to help us win,” Smith said.

“Brynn is a strong soccer player and talented goal scorer. She scores in big games as evidenced by her impressive playoff totals including two goals in the two state championship games she has played in. She can score from distance, best evidenced by her most recent strike from approximately 30 yards versus Newmarket, from a tough angle as seen against Hinsdale on Thursday, and she is willing to grind for goals in tight, scoring the goal of the year so far off a head ball in the opening game,” said Smith’s coach Myles Cooney. “Above all, she is a solid person and solid student at Sunapee Middle High School and we are glad and proud to have her in Laker green.”

Sunapee won the Division IV championship in 2019 but lost last year in penalty kicks, a memory that still bothers Smith.

“There isn’t a day when I don’t think about that game and It’s not going to happen again,” Smith said. “This team is so focused on winning. We’ve been on a mission and all we want is to bring Sunapee another championship.”

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