SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. – Terriers track and field swept the D-II State Meet on Saturday, with the boys winning in convincing fashion and the girls having to fight to the last race to earn their title.

The BF boys grabbed their seventh-straight state title, and their first in D-II since 2006, while the girls rallied for their fourth-straight state title.

The girls were tied up with Rice heading into the final event on Saturday, the 4x400, but a terrific effort from senior Jasmine Boucher in her anchor spot helped BF edge Rice and come in fourth in the race, securing the girls’ state title. They beat out Rice 107-105.

The girls won the meet despite only having one athlete winning their event. Besides Jaden Luebbert’s first-place finish in the pole vault, the Terriers scattered 4 second-place finishes and 5 third-place finishes in what head coach Tim Eno called a “total team effort.”

On the boys’ side, the Terriers had Reno Tuttle and Ryan Kelly each pick up individual state championships in two events, and BF won the 4x100 relay as well. They beat out runner-up U-32, 127-102.


100m: 2nd- Gabe Hakimoglu (11.86).

200m: 2nd- Gabe Hakimoglu (23.91). 5th- Connor Smith (24.40).

800m: 4th- Ian Wallace (2:04.91). 10th- Collin Robertson (2:11.60).

1500m: 7th- Ian Wallace (4:22.39).

3000m: 10th- Timothy Salter-Roy (10:00.55).

110m Hurdles: 1st- Ryan Kelly (17.26). 4th- Dylan Clark (18.17).

300m Hurdles: 9th- Ryan Kelly (46.51).

4x100m Relay: 1st- Andrew Elliott, Gabe Hakimoglu, Connor Smith, Harrison Gleim (45.88).

4x400m Relay: 5th- John Donovan, Andrew Elliott, Tylar Stanley, Connor Smith (3:46.92).

4x800m Relay: 3rd- Elijah Gould, Timothy Salter-Roy, Tylar Stanley, Collin Robertson (8:38.39).

Shot Put: 1st- Reno Tuttle (48’9.5”). 4th- Jonathan Carrington (40’8.5”).

Discus: 1st- Reno Tuttle (168’3”). 4th- Owen LaRoss (114’9.5”). 6th- Dylan Clark (102’10”).

Javelin: 1st- Dylan Clark (147’5”). 3rd- Hunter Smith (134’3”). 4th- Reno Tuttle (133’). 6th- Julian Christiansen (122’3”). 9th- John Donovan (106’9”).

High Jump: 1st- Ryan Kelly (5’8”). 2nd- Gabe Hakimoglu (5’8”).

Pole Vault: 5th- Hunter Smith (9’6”). 10th- Julian Christiansen (8’6”).

Long Jump: 5th- Andrew Elliott (19’3.75”).

Triple Jump: 5th- John Donovan (38’1.5”). 8th- Harrison Gleim (36’7”).


400m: 10th- Jasmine Boucher (64.43).

1500m: 3rd- Abby Broadley (4:54.27). 8th- Stephanie Ager (5:03.84).

3000m: 2nd- Abby Broadley (10:40.22). 3rd- Stephanie Ager (11:06.33). 6th- Lia Clark (11:36.88).

100m Hurdles: 2nd- Brigid Hodsden (17.17). 4th- Abbe Cravinho (17.34).

300m Hurdles: 5th- Abbe Cravinho (50.01). 7th- Maya Waryas (51.03).

4x100m Relay: 3rd- Brigid Hodsden, Abbe Cravinho, Halle Dickerson, Maya Waryas (53.76).

4x400m Relay: 4th- Jasmine Boucher, Halle Dickerson, Maya Waryas, Abby Dearborn (4:24.99).

4x800m Relay: 3rd- Halle Dickerson, Molly Hodsden, Megan Banik, Abby Dearborn (10:32.14).

Shot Put: 3rd- Emma Lawrence (32’2.5”).

Discus: 3rd- Emma Lawrence (89’10.5”).

Javelin: 2nd- Breanna Stockman (106’). 4th- Halle Dickerson (98’8”). 5th- Macie Streeter (95’). 6th- Emma Lawrence (88’1”).

High Jump: T-5th- Michelle Marchica (4’6”). T-5th- Molly Kelly (4’6”). 10th- Leanna Mager (4’4”).

Pole Vault: 1st- Jaden Luebbert (8’6”). 4th- Brigid Hodsden (7’6”). 8th- Macie Streeter (6’6”).

Long Jump: 8th- Michelle Marchica (14’6.5”).

Triple Jump: 2nd- Michelle Marchica (33’8.5”). 4th- Jasmine Boucher (32’8.5”). 9th- Abby Dearborn (29’9.5”).


Bellows Falls (127); U-32 (103); Hartford (82); Burr and Burton (53); Lamoille (46); Middlebury (29); Peoples (26); Mt. Abraham (23); Spaulding (21); Lyndon (13); Milton (12); Harwood (10); Fair Haven (8); Missisquoi (4); Rice (1).


Bellows Falls (107); Rice (105); Hartford (78); U-32 (53); Peoples (42); Lamoile (36); Burr and Burton (36); Missisquoi (33); Middlebury (23); Lyndon (22.5); Spaulding (9); Fair Haven (6); Montpelier (5); Harwood (2); Mt. Abraham (0.5).

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