The Southern Vermont League (SVL) named Bethany Coursen of Bellows Falls as Division A coach of the year and Jody Wood of Windsor as Division B coach of the year.

Division A first team

Bellows Falls: Grace Bazin, Maya Waryas, Grace Wilkinson. Burr and Burton: Riley Callen, Abby Farrington, Efremia Geralis, Lola Herzog. Hartford: Zoe Pfeiffer. Rutland: Alexis Patterson, Jenna Sunderland.

Honorable mention

Bellows Falls: Jaia Caron, Jules McDermind. Burr and Burton: Hannah Callen, Celsey McMahon, Arden Wojtach. Rutland, Jessica Ebbighausen, Gianna Pezzetti, Luci Horrocks.

Division B first team

Brattleboro: Makenna Severance. Fair Haven: Zoey Cole, Tegan Hoard. Otter Valley: Alice Keith, Jadynn Pope. Springfield: Natalia Dorcely, Josie Protas. Windsor: Glenna Ricard, Peyton Richardson, Alyssa Slocum, Hannah Wood. Woodstock: Lily Gubbins, Lili Sorrentino, Anna Steele.

Second team

Brattleboro: Rosie Carignan, Brittney Wright. Fair Haven: Abby Brown. Otter Valley: Marissa Connors. Springfield: Anna Church, Reilly Tennis. Woodstock: Lilia McCullough.

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