Photo: Eagle Windsor vs Newport girls basketball from Saturday

Windsor’s Peyton Richardson heads to the hoop as Newport’s Morgan Roberts has great position during Saturday’s game.

Windsor — Yellow Jacket coach Bruce MacKay couldn’t stop talking about his young players after Saturday’s win over Newport. “This is such an unselfish team, everyone wants success and pushes each other to get better, and the younger players are stepping up,” said MacKay.

As the only 2 seniors on the team Olivia Rockwood and Angelina Bigwood continue to play outstanding ball, it is the younger players that have really continued to improve. Windsor’s Evelyn Page sparked a 12-0 run in the first quarter to put some distance between them and a pesky Newport squad that was coming off a win at Franklin last night. In the blink of an eye, Windsor turned a 6-5 lead into a 14-5 gap as the press took it’s toll on the Tigers.

“We are better than our record shows and once we react quicker on the floor to situations and stop the bleeding we will be alright, there is still along way to go and playing the type of schedule that we have will only help us later in the season,” said Newport head coach Ross Dole.

Peyton Richardson and Reese Perry were game changers today with outside shots and another dominating performance in the pain from Reese. “This team is so unselfish and hard working it is just fun to be with this group of players, I think the practices key our game play because it is just brutal in practice, a “ruff and tumble” practice is common” said Perry.

Greyson Beaulieu kept Newport moving forward with some timely shooting but the Windsor speed kept everyone off balance including the referees as everyone was trying to keep up with the games pace. The Tigers Riley Skarin had strong moves to the hoop but with Windsor’s Adi Prior and Ashley Grela clogging up the middle, Rockwood and company were off to the races with fast break opportunities as Windsor led 39-12 at the break. One of the prettiest plays of the day came on a Windsor fast break as Page, Rockwood and Perry would connect on great passes while flying down the court without the ball touching the floor that resulted in a Perry layup that drew loud applause from the always appreciative large Windsor following.

“I love to see everyone involved, it’s all about team and I think today was one of our best passing days of the season and our transition game was solid” said Rockwood after the game.

The second half was more of an open game flow as Newport began to find their rhythm but the point spread was too much to mount a sustained comeback in a back and forth final quarter as Windsor would end up with a 74-31 win.

“I think we distributed the ball very well today and I can’t say enough about the younger players on this team, they work so hard and are so unselfish, they just want to improve. Rockwood is not only a great scorer but people don’t realize what a great passer she is and how she runs the floor and sees things.” said MacKay.

Rockwood would finish with 27 points over 3 quarters of action while Perry would end up with a season high 17 points for Windsor while Beaulieu would lead Newport with 11 points.

In JV action, an 11 point performance by Newport’s Alicia Urista wasn’t enough as the Yellow Jackets would grab a 48-18 win. Olivia Kelly would end up with 14 points while Karen Kapuscinski would add 11 points for Windsor.

Windsor improves to (10-2) and currently stands in 2nd place in the D3 rankings will host Woodstock(1-8) on Tuesday.

The Tigers(2-7) have had a brutal schedule in the first half of the season including: Windsor(9-2)twice, Conant(12-0), FM(9-1), Hopkinton(8-3) and Stevens(D2). The Tigers will travel to Monadnock on Tuesday to face the (5-5) Huskies.

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