Otter Valley’s Alia Edmunds has no room to work as the Yellow Jacket defense was air tight Tuesday as Evelyn Page and Angelina Bigwood end up with a steal on this play in second half action.

Windsor— “We practice hard and play the game hard,” is what Windsor coach Bruce MacKay said after tonight’s lopsided win over Otter Valley as all 11 Yellow Jackets scored on Tuesday.

OV had a hard time just getting off a shot as the tenacious Windsor defense trapped, pressed and stymied the visitors for the first 6 minutes before the visitors grabbed a bucket. Windsor on the other hand scored in bunches as Angelina Bigwood, Evelyn Page, Adi Prior and Elliot Rupp all hit the scoring column to jump out to a 15-0 lead.

“We struggled against OV the last time we met so we wanted to fire out of the gate tonight and we came ready to play,” said Page.

The 17-5 first quarter lead would explode to 41-13 at the half as Olivia Rockwood took her first shot of the game in the second quarter and found nothing but net as Windsor would close out the half with an 11-0 run.

“This team is hungry and not just the starters, everyone is ready to get into the game and give it their best, we don’t care what the score is, we just play the way we practice and give 100% effort,” said MacKay.

A clearly over-matched OV team tonight found no rest as the young Yellow Jackets kept up the intensity as Reese Perry and Karen Kapuscinski would find rebounds. Ashley Grela, Elliot Rupp and Morgan McKeen kept the momentum in Windsor’s favor as the Student section, clad in camo for winter carnival was rambunctious all night.

“The score doesn’t matter to us, we just play as hard as we can for as long as we can. We still have lots to work on and improve and we need to focus for a full 32 minutes,” said Prior as Windsor would close out with an 80-28 win.

Rockwood would end the night with 26 quiet points and Bigwood would add 11 points. Prior and Perry would chip in with 9 and 8 points each while Windsor shot 10 for 14 from the charity stripe. OV would can 12 of 24 from the line and were led by Mallory Lufkin’s 7 points.

Windsor improves to 13-2 and will head to Hartford(8-6) on Saturday for a 2:30 contest. OV falls to 5-9 with tonight’s loss.

In JV action, Windsor would grab a 56-31 win. Olivia Kelly would pour in 11 points while Elliot Rupp would drop in 9 points during the win.

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