NEWPORT — The Sullivan County Superior Court in Newport announced the following grand jury indictments on Aug. 21.

For sale of heroin: Brandon Arie, 36, of Burlington Vt., is indicted for selling heroin on or about June 11 in Claremont, a Class A felony offense. According to court records, an individual cooperating with the New Hampshire Drug Task Force provided a third party with $550 to buy approximately 60 bags of heroin, and that third party traveled with Arie to 60 South Street in Claremont, where they procured a quantity of the drug; Arie is therefore charged with conspiracy. The sale having taking place within 1,000 feet of a school, Arie is also charged with selling in a school zone. Arie was previously convicted of a felony offense for selling heroin in Windham County, Vt.

Habitual offender: Joshua Wilson, 25, of Lebanon, is indicted for the crime of Habitual Offender for knowingly driving a motor vehicle on NH Route 120 July 12, despite having been declared a Habitual Offender by the NH Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles and prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on the ways of the State of New Hampshire.

Falsifying evidence: Alan Welch, 35, of Claremont, is indicted for a Class B Felony Offense, of Falisfying Physical Evidence. According to the court, Welch, in concert with Naomi Welch, believing an investigation was pending into an arson/criminal mischief, did remove a security surveillance device from a building on Elm Street and did or attempted to destroy evidence related to crime(s) of arson and or criminal mischief. This offense is believed to have been committed between July 13 and 15 while Welch was released on bail.

Falsifying evidence: Kassidy Briere, 21, of Claremont, is indicted for a Class B Felony offense of falsifying evidence on June 26, 2019 and in conspiracy with Alexander Corboseiro did alter evidence relating to a crime of stabbing. After a stabbing incident at Heritage Drive, Briere and Corboseiro allegedly removed items from the scene, including clothing and a kitchen knife, put said items in a white garbage bag and put it in the garbage disposal chute in the main building of Sugar River Mills. Briere and Corboseiro allegedly showered in apartment in Sugar River Mills.

First degree assault: Kenneth Rickard, 81, of Unity, is indicted for First Degree Assault, a Class A Felony offense on July 1, for having allegedly removed a .25 caliber firearm from the glove compartment of a motor vehicle, pointing said firearm at a victim and firing it as the victim ran away.

Habitual Offender: Paris Whiting, 20, of Newport, is indicted for knowingly driving a motor vehicle on John Stark Highway on Aug. 6 despite there being in effect an order prohibiting Whiting from operating a motor vehicle on the ways of New Hampshire. Said offense being committed while Whiting was on release, this is a Class Special Felony Offense.

Burglary: Eric Richmond, 29, is indicted for burglary, having allegedly entered an occupied structure on June 26 in Newport with purpose to commit the crime of theft.

Burglary is a Class B Felony Offense.

Obstructing official administration: Olexandra Beck, 64, of Langdon, is indicted for purposely altering a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection dated Aug. 28, 2018 by marking out “Animal presented on this certificate originates from a rescue where he was received in his poor body condition 2.5/9. He is being relocated to another farm to continue a refeeding program” so it was unreadable, thereby hindering the NH State Veterinarian performing an official function. This offense is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Attempted financial exploitation of an elderly, disabled or impaired adult: Ronald Morissette, 50, of Charlestown, is indicted with a Class A Felony Offense. Morissette allegedly deposited the proceeds from selling the boat of a victim into his own bank account between April 24, 2017 and May 11, 2017. Morissette is further charged with breaching his power of attorney by failing to use the resources of the elderly person to provide for that person, when it was his duty to do so.

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